FY 2014 (Fiscal Year 2014, September 1, 2013-August 31, 2014)

Water Quality Data


TCEQ Sampling Data Query, Surface

TCEQ SWQMIS Public Data Viewer

Monitoring Schedule

FY 2014 Monitoring Schedule


Maps of the Sulphur River Basin

Monitoring Stations Map 2014

Segment Locations Map

Sulphur River Basin Watersheds Map

Basin Reports

Sulphur River Basin Summary Report, FY 2014

FY 2014 Coordinated Monitoring Meeting Minutes

Quality Assurance Project Plan

SRBA QAPP FY 2014-15 


Sulphur River Basin Authority Board

SRBA Board Members, FY 2014

Sulphur River Basin Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members, FY 2014

Agenda, SRBA Steering Committee Meeting 2014

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 2014




Contact SRBA:

Ms Nancy Rose,  Project Manager

911 N Bishop, Suite C-104

Wake Village, Texas 75501

Phone 903-223-7887

Fax 903-223-7988

email nrsrba@cableone.net